Prospective Members

Rising second-year Colorado Law students are invited to participate in the Colorado Law Review based on a write-on competition. The write-on requires submission of an original work written on any topic contained in the write-on packet and a citation exercise. The write-on packet is distributed after the spring semester to interested first-year students.

The write-on submissions are read and evaluated anonymously by five current Colorado Law Review members and given numeric scores according to content, organization, analysis, and mechanics. The Colorado Law Review will use class rank as a minor positive factor for those students ranked in the top ten percent of their class.

We extend invitations for membership to the authors of the top-scoring write-on submissions in late July. Membership on the Colorado Law Review is a two-year commitment.

Transfer students may also participate in the write-on competition. We hold a separate competition for incoming second-year transfer students each August.

For more information, email the Colorado Law Review.