Volume 91

Members & Editors

Issue 1


The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem Revisited: Law, Science, and the Pursuit of Ecosystem Management in an Iconic Landscape
Robert Keiter

A No-Contest Discharge for Uncollectible Student Loans
Matthew Bruckner, Brook Gotberg, Dalie Jimenez, and Chrystin Ondersma

Casenotes & Comments

The Kids Are Alright: Teen Sexting, Child Pornography Charges, and the Criminalization of Adolescent Sexuality
Blaire Bayliss

CERCLA: It’s Time to Prioritize Climate Threats
Lindsey Dundas

A Modest Proposal for Limiting Use of Antitrust’s Per Se Rule
Kathleen Guilfoyle

Toward Sustainable Recreation on Colorado’s Fourteeners
Rebecca Sokol

Issue 2 (Symposium Issue)

Articles & Essays 

Streamlining or Steamrolling: Oil And Gas Leasing Reform On Federal Public Lands In The Trump Administration
Marcilynn A. Burke

Bulldozing Infrastructure Planning and The Environment Through Trump’s Executive Order 13807
Alejandro E. Camacho

Honoring Sally Jewell
Charles Wilkinson

Not Yet America’s Best Idea: Law, Inequality, And Grand Canyon National Park Sarah Krakoff

Decolonization: Treaties, Resource Use, And Environmental Conservation Gerald Torres

Contingent Delisting Justin R. Pidot

Ecosystem Services and Federal Public Lands: A Quiet Revolution In Natural Resources Management
J.B. Ruhl & James Salzman

Reevaluating Environmental Citizen Suits in Theory and Practice
David E. Adelman & Robert L. Glicksman

Issue 3

Speech & Articles

Address at the University of Colorado Law School’s Annual John Paul Stevens Lecture
Justice Elana Kagan

National Injunctions: What Does the Future Hold?
Suzette Malveaux

Seeing Beyond Courts: The Political Context of the Nationwide Injunction
Charlton C. Copeland

When Congress Requires Nationwide Injunctions
David Hausman

Toward Establishing A Pre-Extinction Definition of “Nationwide Injunctions”
Portia Pedro

Preserving the Nationwide National Government Injunction to Stop Illegal Executive Branch Activity
Doug Rendleman

The Constitutionality of Nationwide Injunctions
Alan M. Trammell

Concepts, Not Nomenclature: Universal Injunctions, Declaratory Judgments, Opinions, and Precedent
Howard M. Wasserman