Volume 82

Members & Editors

Issue 1


Parchment, Pixels, & Personhood: User Rights and the IP (Identity Politics) of IP (Intellectual Property)
John Tehranian

The Legal History of Federally Granted Railroad Rights-of-Way and the Myth of Congress’s “1871 Shift”
Darwin P. Roberts

Things Fall Apart: Regulating the Credit Default Swap Commons
Kristin N. Johnson

Casenotes and Comments

Dismantling the Trojan Horse: Mesa County Board of County Commissioners v. State
Anna-Liisa Mullis

A Fundamental Right to Read: Reader Privacy Protections in the U.S. Constitution
Eric Robertson

Varying Declarations of Interdependence: The Tenth Circuit’s Inconsistent Analysis of Criminal Conspiracy
Jeff Van der Veer

Issue 2


Climate Change, Forests, and Federalism: Seeing the Treaty for the Trees
Blake Hudson

Urbanization, Water Quality, and the Regulated Landscape
Dave Owen

Like Water for Energy: The Water-Energy Nexus Through the Lens of Tax Policy
Roberta F. Mann

Casenotes and Comments

Re-Evaluating Tribal Customs of Land Use Rights
John C. Hoelle

Reimagining Western Water Law: Time-Limited Water Right Permits Based on a Comprehensive Beneficial Use Doctrine
Michael Toll

Pagosa Area Water & Sanitation District v. Trout Un-limited and an Anti-Speculation Doctrine for a New Era of Water Supply Planning
Derek L. Turner

Issue 3-4


The Need to Overrule Mapp v. Ohio
William T. Pizzi

Participatory Law and Development: Remapping the Locus of Authority
Maggi Carfield

Rethinking Parental Incarceration
Sarah Abramowicz

Casenotes and Comments

Denying Formalism’s Apologists: Reforming Immigration Law’s CIMT Analysis
Jeremiah J. Farrelly

Dog Damages: The Case for Expanding the Available Remedies for the Owners of Wrongfully Killed Pets in Colorado
Logan Martin

Geographical Indications: The International Debate Over Intellectual Property Rights for Local Producers
Emily Nation