Volume 87

Members & Editors

Issue 1


“State Inaction,” Equal Protection, and Religious Resistance to LGBT Rights
James M. Oleske, Jr.

Intellectual Property Law Hybridization
Clark D. Asay

Dear IRS, It Is Time to Enforce the Campaigning Prohibition. Even Against Churches
Samuel D. Brunson

Casenotes & Comments

The Guardian Ad Litem as the Child’s Privilege Holder
Starla Doyal

Finding Safe Harbor: Eliminating the Gap in Colorado’s Human Trafficking Laws
Jessica A. Pingleton

You Can’t Choose Your Family, But You Should Choose Your Co-Tenants: Reforming the UPC to Benefit the Modest-Means Family Cabin Owner
Lisa C. Willcox

Issue 2


Person, State, or Not: The Place of Business Corporations in Our Constitutional Order
Daniel J.H. Greenwood

Racial Emotions and the Feeling of Equality
Janine Young Kim

Sharing Property
Kellen Zale

Casenotes & Comments

Little Sisters of the Poor Home for the Aged v. Sebelius: Ramifications for Church Plans and Religious Nonprofits
Samantha T. Ford

Restore the Republic: The Incompatibility Between the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights and the Guarantee Clause
Joshua Pens

All Your Data Are Belong to Us: Consumer Data Breach Rights and Remedies in an Electronic Exchange Economy
Michael D. Simpson

Issue 3


Legal Adaptive Capacity: How Program Goals and Processes Shape Federal Land Adaptation to Climate Change
Alejandro E. Camacho & Robert L. Glicksman

Viewing the Supreme Court’s Exaction Cases Through the Prism of Anti-Evasion
Michael B. Kent, Jr.

Distributed Reliability
Amy L. Stein

Casenotes & Comments

Reclaiming the Right of Beneficial Use
Abby Harder

Master Limited Partnerships: A Pipeline to Renewable Energy Development
E. Cabell Massey

To Have Our Water and Use It Too: Why Colorado Water Law Needs a Public Interest Standard
Larry Myers

Issue 4 (Symposium Issue) 


The President’s Faithful Execution Duty
Harold H. Bruff

Executive Power Under the Constitution: A Presidential and Parliamentary System Compared
Gabrielle Appleby & Adam Webster

Presidential Constitutional Interpretation, Signing Statements, Executive Power, and Zivotofsky
Henry L. Chambers, Jr.

The Presidential Statutory Stretch and the Rule of Law
Peter M. Shane