Volume 92

Members & Editors

Issue 1


Food Allergy Bullying as Disability Harassment: Holding Schools Accountable
D’Andra Millsap Shu

The Discriminatory Executive and the Rule of Law
Maryam Jamshidi

Whole Designs
Sarah Burstein


A Pound of Flesh: How Medical Copayments in Prison Cost Inmates Their Health and Set Them Up for Reoffense
Rachael Wiggins

When the Cat’s Away: Techlash, Loot Boxes, and Regulating “Dark Patterns” in the Video Game Industry’s Monetization Strategies
Scott Goodstein

Let Cities Decide: End Colorado’s Prohibition on Rent Regulation
Virginia Sargent


Issue 2

Articles & Essays

Environmental Citizen Suits and the Inequities of Races to the Top
David E. Adelman & Jori Reilly-Diakun

Outsourced Emissions: Why Local Governments Should Track and Measure Consumption-Based Greenhouse Gases
Jonathan Rosenbloom

International Water Law and Fresh Water Dispute Resolution: A Cosean Perspective
Tamar Meshel and Moin A. Yahya


Communities of Interest in Colorado Redistricting
David Willner

Expanding the Administrative Record: Using Pretext To Show “Bad Faith or Improper Behavior”
Laura Boyer


Issue 3

Articles & Essays

Not Your Mule? Disrupting the Political Powerlessness of Black Women Voters
Chinyere Ezie

Contesting the Legacy of the Nineteenth Amendment: Abortion and Equality from Roe to the Present
Mary Ziegler

Working Mothers and the Postponement of Women’s Rights from the Nineteenth Amendment to the Equal Rights Amendment
Julie C. Suk

The Political (Mis)Representation of Immigrants in Voting
Ming H. Chen and Hunter Knapp

Women’s Votes, Women’s Voices, and the Limits of Criminal Justice Reform, 1911–1950
Carolyn B. Ramsey

“Make the Map All White”: The Meaning of Maps in the Prohibition and Suffrage Campaigns
Susan Schulten


Issue 4

Articles & Essays

Past Prescient
Christopher Tomlins

The Future of Facts: The Politics of Public Health and Medicine in Abortion Law
Aziza Ahmed

Migrant Justice Now
Leti Volpp

The Theory of Legal Characters
Mikhail Xifaras

The Common Law and Critical Theory
Charles L. Barzun


Conversations After Class: ‘Becoming Critical,’ or the Steps Necessary to Achieve Critical Thought for Law Students
Daniel J. Sequeira