Colorado Law Review is now publishing Volume 95 (2023-24)

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by Alec Peters
January 12, 2024 | Issue 1, Volume 95
- PDF: Alec Peters,* Machine Manipulation: Why an AI Editor Does Not Serve First Amendment Values The past few years have seen increasing calls for regulation of large social media platforms,… {read more...}
by Hannah Borowski
January 12, 2024 | Issue 1, Volume 95
- Union autonomy, a critical aspect of the health and growth of unions and employee power broadly, is weakened by (1) the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) attempts to target organized crime… {read more...}
by Sarah Sherman-Stokes
January 12, 2024 | Issue 1, Volume 95
- The United States has a long history of pernicious immigration enforcement and surveillance. Today, in addition to more than 34,000 people held in immigration detention, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)… {read more...}
by Noelle Wilson & Amanda Reid
January 12, 2024 | Issue 1, Volume 95
- As more U.S. states have begun to pass consumer privacy laws, there are growing calls for federal data privacy regulation to ease the burden of compliance with various, sometimes conflicting,… {read more...}
by Hila Keren
January 12, 2024 | Issue 1, Volume 95
- Market humiliation is a corrosive relational process to which the law repeatedly fails to respond due to the law’s heavy reliance on the discrimination paradigm. In this process, providers of… {read more...}
by Colleen Campbell
January 12, 2024 | Issue 1, Volume 95
- Feminist scholars critique food and drug law as a site of gender bias and regulatory neglect. The historical exclusion of women from clinical trials by the FDA prioritized male bodies… {read more...}
by Jonathan Murray
June 1, 2023 | Issue 4, Volume 94
- Religious freedom is increasingly invoked to defeat liability for behavior that has long been regulated under accepted, neutral law, an argument to which many courts and judges appear receptive. One… {read more...}
by MB Beasley
June 1, 2023 | Issue 4, Volume 94
- “Three generations of imbeciles are enough.”[1] These words of Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes are some of the most infamous and evocative penned from behind the bench of the Supreme Court… {read more...}
by Sunoo Park
June 1, 2023 | Issue 4, Volume 94
- American elections currently run on outdated and vulnerable technology. Computer science researchers have shown that voting machines and other election equipment used in many jurisdictions are plagued by serious security… {read more...}
by Daniel R. Cahoy
June 1, 2023 | Issue 4, Volume 94
- Entrepreneurs and larger firms are waking up to the fact that there is a viable market for recycled, repaired, and even upcycled goods. There is also an increasing desire on… {read more...}


by Jacob Hedgpeth
April 16, 2023 | Forum
- Two distinct public health crises shook the United States from 1954 to 2023: nicotine addiction from tobacco products, and opioid addiction starting with Purdue Pharmaceutical’s OxyContin. These crises resulted in… {read more...}
by Carl Tobias
April 16, 2023 | Forum
- Introduction The U.S. Constitution plainly assigns to the Senate the profound duties of rendering critical advice and consent related to all specific federal judicial nominees whom the President selects.[1] The… {read more...}
by Jeffrey A. Parness
January 12, 2023 | Forum
- Introduction In 2022 the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE) issued its “Content Scope Outlines” for public comment,[1] soliciting input on “significant oversights.”[2] The outlines were designed to inform the… {read more...}
by Anuj C. Desai
February 17, 2022 | Forum
- PDF: Anuj C. Desai,[1] Is Title VII an "Anti-Discrimination" Law? Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is commonly referred to as an “anti-discrimination” statute. At its core,… {read more...}
by William J. Carney
May 14, 2021 | Forum
- This article argues that legal education needs to get its act together by getting organized. Unlike the rest of the university, law schools are over a century behind in recognizing… {read more...}
by Hannah York
May 13, 2021 | Forum
- On October 1, 2019, Missouri began the execution of death row inmate Russell Bucklew.[1] Those present for the execution reported seeing Mr. Bucklew strapped to a gurney, the IV inserted,… {read more...}
by Ingrid Eagly
May 10, 2021 | Forum
- Ingrid Eagly,[1] Address to Colorado Law School on Monday, February 22, 2021 at 5:00-6:30 p.m.   The topic of today’s lecture, which was selected in Breanna Boss’s memory, is access… {read more...}
by Josiah Cohen
April 17, 2021 | Forum
- Since the founding, Americans have sought a perfectly calibrated government that vigorously protects, but never violates, citizens’ individual rights.[2] To accomplish this, government must balance orderly security and individual liberty.… {read more...}
by Blake E. Reid, Christian Vogler, and Zainab Alkebsi
November 9, 2020 | Forum
- During the spring of 2020, the COVID-19 crisis began to unfold in the U.S. Legal scholars exploring the impact of the pandemic on people with disabilities focused much of their… {read more...}
by Lauren DiMartino
October 25, 2020 | Forum
- On October 22, 2019, Justice Elena Kagan sat down with Professor Suzette Malveaux, director of the Byron White Center for the Study of Constitutional Law, for the Eighth Annual John… {read more...}