Colorado Law Review is now publishing Volume 95 (2023-24)

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by Lizzie Bird
June 1, 2024 | Issue 4, Volume 95
- Open PDF in Browser: Lizzie Bird,* LexisNexis's Contract With ICE As Unjust Enrichment For $22.1 million, LexisNexis is currently helping Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) surveil, detain, and deport noncitizens.… {read more...}
by Chris Rowley
June 1, 2024 | Issue 4, Volume 95
- Open PDF in Browser: Chris Rowley,* It's Past Time: Unionization and Self-Determinism in Minor League Baseball For more than a century, labor disputes have tormented the relationship between American professional… {read more...}
by Malinda L. Seymore
June 1, 2024 | Issue 4, Volume 95
- Open PDF in Browser: Melinda L. Seymore,* Adoption As Substitute For Abortion? In Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, Justice Samuel Alito relied on adoption as part of the justification… {read more...}
by Rafael I. Pardo
May 29, 2024 | Issue 4, Volume 95
- Open PDF in Browser: Rafael I. Pardo,* Rethinking Antebellum Bankruptcy Bankruptcy law has been repeatedly reinvented over time in response to changing circumstances. The Bankruptcy Act of 1841—passed by Congress… {read more...}
by Jeremiah A. Ho
May 28, 2024 | Issue 4, Volume 95
- Open PDF in Browser: Jeremiah A. Ho,* Colonizing Queerness This Article investigates how and why the cultural script of inequality persists for queer identities despite major legal advancements such as… {read more...}
by Brittany L. Deitch
May 28, 2024 | Issue 4, Volume 95
- Open PDF in Browser: Brittany L. Deitch,* Estate to State: Pay-To-Stay Statutes and The Problematic Seizure of Inherited Property Pay-to-stay statutes allow states to recover their incarceration-related expenditures from those… {read more...}
by Danilo Risteski
April 12, 2024 | Issue 3, Volume 95
- Open PDF in Browser: Danilo Risteski,* Politics Before Pensions: How New ESG Rules Expose Public Pension System Vulnerabilities As some of the largest institutional investors in the United States, public… {read more...}
by Casey J. Nelson
April 12, 2024 | Issue 3, Volume 95
- Open PDF in Browser: Casey J. Nelson,* A First Amendment Failure: Surrendering to Science Misinformation for Bioengineered Foods Government-compelled commercial disclosures are not unfamiliar to consumers. Common labels include nutrition… {read more...}
by Mary Slosson
April 12, 2024 | Issue 3, Volume 95
- Open PDF in Browser: Mary Slosson,* Force Majeure and the Law of the Colorado River: The Confluence of Climate Change, Contracts, and the Constitution Climate change is causing significant, permanent… {read more...}
by Jeff Todd
April 12, 2024 | Issue 3, Volume 95
- Open PDF in Browser: Jeff Todd,* Carbon Pricing for a Just Transition The legal tools to avoid the potential disasters of climate change are already available, at least according to… {read more...}


by R. George Wright & Chris Rowley
May 8, 2024 | Forum
- Open PDF in Browser: R. George Wright* & Chris Rowley,† Creative Jurisprudence: The Paradox of Free Speech Absolutism Introduction Governments often seek to restrict speech on the basis of its… {read more...}
by Michaela Calhoun
May 8, 2024 | Forum
- Open PDF in Browser: Michaela Calhoun,* No Sword, No Shield, No Problem: AI in Pro Se Section 1983 Suits Originating during the Reconstruction era, 42 U.S.C. 1983 emerged as a… {read more...}
by Jacob Hedgpeth
April 16, 2023 | Forum
- Open PDF in Browser: Jacob Hedgpeth, The Bankruptcy of Purdue Pharma in the Wake of Big Tobacco Two distinct public health crises shook the United States from 1954 to 2023:… {read more...}
by Carl Tobias
April 16, 2023 | Forum
- Open PDF in Browser: Carl Tobias,* Biden, Bennet, and Bipartisan Federal Judicial Selection Introduction The U.S. Constitution plainly assigns to the Senate the profound duties of rendering critical advice and consent related… {read more...}
by Jeffrey A. Parness
January 12, 2023 | Forum
- Introduction In 2022 the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE) issued its “Content Scope Outlines” for public comment,[1] soliciting input on “significant oversights.”[2] The outlines were designed to inform the… {read more...}
by Anuj C. Desai
February 17, 2022 | Forum
- PDF: Anuj C. Desai,[1] Is Title VII an "Anti-Discrimination" Law? Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is commonly referred to as an “anti-discrimination” statute. At its core,… {read more...}
by William J. Carney
May 14, 2021 | Forum
- This article argues that legal education needs to get its act together by getting organized. Unlike the rest of the university, law schools are over a century behind in recognizing… {read more...}
by Hannah York
May 13, 2021 | Forum
- On October 1, 2019, Missouri began the execution of death row inmate Russell Bucklew.[1] Those present for the execution reported seeing Mr. Bucklew strapped to a gurney, the IV inserted,… {read more...}
by Ingrid Eagly
May 10, 2021 | Forum
- Ingrid Eagly,[1] Address to Colorado Law School on Monday, February 22, 2021 at 5:00-6:30 p.m.   The topic of today’s lecture, which was selected in Breanna Boss’s memory, is access… {read more...}
by Josiah Cohen
April 17, 2021 | Forum
- Since the founding, Americans have sought a perfectly calibrated government that vigorously protects, but never violates, citizens’ individual rights.[2] To accomplish this, government must balance orderly security and individual liberty.… {read more...}