Volume 83

Members & Editors

Issue 1


The Problem of Environmental Monitoring
Eric Biber

Keeping Pace?: The Case Against Property Assessed Clean Energy Financing Programs
Prentiss Cox

The Story of Kleppe v. New Mexico: The Sagebrush Rebellion as Un-cooperative Federalism
Robert L. Fischman & Jeremiah I. Williamson

Prediction Market for Climate Outcomes
Shi-Ling Hsu

Casenotes & Comments

Geothermal’s Prior Appropriation Problem
Justin Plaskov

The Water Transfers Rule: How an EPA Rule Threatens to Undermine the Clean Water Act
Chris Reagen

Issue 2


The Hidden Costs of Habeas Delay
Marc D. Falkoff

Google, Gadgets, and Guilt: Juror Misconduct in the Digital Age
Thaddeus Hoffmeister

The Future of Abandoned Big Box Stores: Legal Solutions to the Legacies of Poor Planning Decisions
Sarah Schindler

Casenotes & Comments

Waltzing Through a Loophole: How Parens Patriae Suits Allow Circumvention of the Class Action Fairness Act
Jacob Durling

NAGPRA in Colorado: A Success Story
Cecily Harms

Using Poor Form as a Proxy for Poor Substance: A Look at Wend v. People and Its Categorical Rule Prohibiting Prosecutors from Using the Word “Lie”
Danny Paulson

Issue 3


Alive but Irrelevant: The Prior Appropriation Doctrine in Today’s Western Water Law
Reed D. Benson

Administering Justice: Removing Statutory Barriers to Reentry
Joy Radice

“Of Greater Value than the Gold of Our Mountains”: The Right to Education in Colorado’s Nineteenth-Century Constitution
Tom I. Romero, II

Casenotes & Comments

The Right to Float: The Need for the Colorado Legislature to Clarify River Access Rights
Cory Helton

Restore Colorado’s Repair Doctrine for Construction-Defect Claims
Michael F. Lutz

The Search for Luxury Prudence: Applying Alternative Dispute Resolution to Contributory Trademark Liability in the Online Marketplace
Heather Park

Issue 4


Between Tradition and Progress: A Comparative Perspective on Polygamy in the United States and India
Cyra Akila Choudhury

What American Legal Theory Might Learn from Islamic Law: Some Lessons About ‘The Rule of Law’ from ‘Shari‘a Court’ Practice in India
Jeffrey A. Redding

Casenotes & Comments

Homely, Cultured Brahmin Woman Seeks Particular Social Group: Must Be Immutable, Particular, and Socially Visible
Sarah Kathryn French

It Happens in the Dark: Examining Current Obstacles to Identifying and Rehabilitating Child Sex-Trafficking Victims in India and the United States
Emily K. Harlan

Destinations: A Comparison of Sex Trafficking in India and the United States
Sarah Montana Hart

Different Names for the Same Thing: Domestic Homicides and Dowry Deaths in the Western Media
Jennifer Parker