Volume 90

Members & Editors

Issue 1


A Likelihood Story: The Theory of Legal Fact-Finding
Sean P. Sullivan

Determinants of Patent Quality: Evidence From Inter Partes Review Proceedings
Brian J. Love et al.

Reforming Service of Process: An Access-To-Justice Framework
Andrew C. Budzinski

Casenotes & Comments

Beyond VAWA: Protecting Native Women From Sexual Violence Within Existing Tribal Jurisdictional Structures
Jessica Allison

Revenge of the Realtors: The Procompetitive Case for Consolidating Multiple Listing Services
James S. Bradbury

Who Guards the Guardians? Simplifying the Discovery of Electronic Medical Records
Joseph DeAngelis

Issue 2: Symposium Issue

Articles & Essays

Listeners’ Choices
James Grimmelmann

Limiting the Right to Buy Silence: A Hearer-Centered Approach
Burt Neuborne

Powerful Speakers and Their Listeners
Helen Norton

The MacGuffin and the Net: Taking Internet Listeners Seriously
Derek E. Bambauer

Press Speakers and the First Amendment Rights of Listeners
RonNell Andersen Jones

When Audiences Object: Free Speech and Campus Speaker Protests
Gregory P. Magarian

Data Subjects’ Privacy Rights: Regulation of Personal Data Retention and Erasure
Alexander Tsesis

Commercial Speech Protection as Consumer Protection
Felix T. Wu

Annual John Paul Stevens Lecture

A Constitutional Call to Arms
The Hon. Carlos F. Lucero

Issue 3


Electricity Competition and the Public Good: Rethinking Markets and Monopolies
Jonas J. Monast

Best Interests in the Long Term: Fiduciary Duties and ESG Integration
Susan N. Gary

Environmental Gentrification
Sarah Fox

Casenotes & Comments

Reviving the Environmental Justice Potential of Title VI Through Heightened Judicial Review
Rachel Calvert

Mine Reclamation’s Reliance on King Coal: Meeting Legacy Environmental Obligations with a Declining Industry
Claire Jarrell

Issue 4


The Quasi-Parent Conundrum
Michael J. Higdon

The Save America’s Pastime Act: Special Interest Legislation Epitomized
Nathaniel Grow

Expert Directors
Martin Edwards

Casenotes & Comments

Medical Records and Privacy Rights: The Unintended Consequences of Aggregated Data in Electronic Health Records
Andrea C. Maciejewski

Redefining What it Means to “Furnish Items in Excess of a Patient’s Needs”: A Federal Tool to Guide Physician Prescribing Behavior and Combat the Opioid Crisis
Carson Schneider

From Aspirational to Prescriptive Capacity Building: Post-Conflict States, Rule of Law, and Hybrid International Justice
Daimeon Dean Shanks

A Purpose-and-Effect Test to Limit the Expansion of the Government Speech Doctrine 
Will Soper