Volume 84

Members & Editors

Issue 1

A Life of Contributions for All Time: Symposium in Honor of David H. Getches

Never Construed to Their Prejudice: in Honor of David Getches
Richard B. Collins

Indian Courts and Fundamental Fairness: Indian Courts and the Future Revisited
Matthew L.M. Fletcher

Reviving the Public Ownership, Antispeculation, and Beneficial Use Moorings of Prior Appropriation Water Law
Gregory J. Hobbs, Jr.


A Philosophy of Hope and a Landscape of Principle: the Legacy of David Getches’s Federal Indian Law Scholarship
Rebecca Tsosie

Hero for the People, Hero for the Land and Water: Reflections on the Enduring Contributions of David Getches
Charles Wilkinson


Remarks of David H. Getches: Federal Bar Association Indi-an Law Conference (April 7, 2011)
David H. Getches

A Just and Healthy Future for the 100 Percent
Bill Hedden

Reflections on Social Change and Law Reform
John D. Leshy

Remarks of the Honorable Timothy E. Wirth: Symposium in Honor of David H. Getches
Timothy E. Wirth

Issue 2


Jury Instructions as Constitutional Education
Andrew Guthrie Ferguson

Imputation, the Adverse Interest Exception, and the Curious Case of the Restatement (Third) of Agency
Mark J. Loewenstein

Random, Suspicionless Searches of Students’ Belongings: A Legal, Empirical, and Normative Analysis
Jason P. Nance

Casenotes & Comments

Indiana v. Edwards: The Prospect of a Heightened Competency Standard for Pro Se Defendants
Ashley N. Beck

The Litigation Financing Industry: Regulation to Protect and Inform Consumers
Martin J. Estevao

The Rise of the Transgender Child: Overcoming Societal Stigma, Institutional Discrimination, and Individual Bias to Enact and Enforce Nondiscriminatory Dress Code Policies
Holly V. Franson

Issue 3


Powering the Tap Dry: Regulatory Alternatives for the Energy-Water Nexus
Amy Hardberger

Patience is an Economic Virtue: Real Options, Natural Resources, and Offshore Oil
Michael A. Livermore

Renewable Energy Through Agency Action
Amy L. Stein

Risk and Response in Fracturing Policy
Hannah J. Wiseman

Casenotes & Comments

No Seat at the Water Table: Colorado’s New Groundwater Basin Statute Leaves Senior Surface Rights in the Lurch
Ari J. Stiller-Shulman

I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff and I’ll Blow Your House Down: The Argument for the Ability to Purchase Your Neighbor’s Wind
Emily L. Wasserman

Issue 4

Annual John Paul Stevens Lecture


Byron White—Hero and Scholar: Reflections About Punishment, Political Speech, and Public Liability
Justice John Paul Stevens (Ret.)

A Conversation with Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg


Cutting the Cord to Private Cord Blood Banking: Encouraging Compensation for Public Cord Blood Donations After Flynn v. Holder
Seema Mohapatra

Law Clinics and Lobbying Restrictions
Kevin Barry & Marcy Karin

Death Eligibility in Colorado: Many are Called, Few are Chosen
Justin Marceau, Sam Kamin & Wanda Foglia

Defining Privacy and Utility in Data Sets
Felix T. Wu

Casenotes & Comments

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: The Marketplace of Ideas and the Constitutionality of Graphic-Image Cigarette Warning Labels and Other Commercial Disclosure Requirements
Richard F. Lee

Misguided Patent Reform: The Questionable Constitutionality of First-to-File
Andrew L. Sharp

State v. Henderson: A Model for Admitting Eyewitness Identification Testimony
Amy D. Trenary