Volume 94

Members & Editors

Issue 1


A Deliberative Democratic Theory Of Precedent
Glen Staszewski

Minding Accidents
Teneille R. Brown, JD

Oppression In American, Islamic, and Jewish Private Law
Rabea Benhalim

The Visible Trial: Judicial Assessment As Adjudication
Tracey E. George & Albert H. Yoon


Keeping It Real: Property Analogies For Graffiti Infringement
Shelby Pickar-Dennis

The Legal Stranger: Colorado’s Two-Legal-Parent Limit Leaves Nontraditional Families Behind
Allison K. Dudley

Issue 2: Symposium Issue

A Note from the Editors: Content Warning

Articles & Essays

Foreword: Looking Back to Move Forward: Exploring the Legacy of U.S. Slavery
Suzette M. Malveaux

Foreword: Expanding The Boundaries of Knowledge About Slavery And Its Legacy
Lolita Buckner Inniss

Higher Education Redress Statutes: A Preliminary Analysis of States’ Reparations in Higher Education
Christopher J. Mathis, JD, PhD

Loving Reparations
Eric J. Miller

Social Construction of Race Undergirds Racism by Providing Undue Advantages to White People, Disadvantaging Black People and Other People of Color, and Violating the Human Rights of All People of Color
Adjoa A. Aiyetoro

Roundtable: The 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre; The Quest for Accountability
Robert Turner

The Color(blind) Conundrum in Colorado Property Law
Tom I. Romero, II

Shades of Justice: Racial Profiling Then and Now
F. Michael Higginbotham

Slave Law, Race Law
Gabriel J. Chin

Issue 3


24/7 Clean Energy
Todd Aagaard

Zeroing In On Net-Zero: From Soft Law to Hard Law in Corporate Climate Change Pledges
Daniel C. Esty & Nathan de Arriba-Sellier

The Dark Sun Network
Frédéric Gilles Sourgens

Environmental Evidence
Seema Kakade

Climate Change and Modern State Common Law Nuisance and Trespass Tort Claims
Jack Wold-McGimsey

Boulder is for People: Zoning Reform and the Fight for Affordable Housing
Emma Sargent

Issue 4


Producing Procedural Inequality Through the Empirical Turn
Danya Shocair Reda

Lumen N. Mulligan

Trademark’s Grip over Sustainability
Daniel R. Cahoy

The Right to Vote Securely
Sunoo Park

How To (Not) Do Things with Judicial Opinions: Minding the Performative Power of Facts and Dicta
MB Beasley

Separation of Church and Law: The Ministerial Exception in Demkovich v. St. Andrew the Apostle Parish
Jonathan Murray