Volume 88

Members & Editors

Issue 1


Judges’ Varied Views on Textualism: The Roberts-Alito Schism and the Similar District Judge Divergence That Undercuts the Widely Assumed Textualism-Ideology Correlation
Scott A. Moss

Chilling Rights
Toni M. Massaro

Beyond Willful Ignorance
Alexander F. Sarch

Casenotes & Comments

Rationing Justice: The Need for Appointed Counsel in Removal Proceedings of Unaccompanied Immigrant Children
Wesley C. Brockway

To Catch a Catfish: A Statutory Solution for Victims of Online Impersonation
Colleen M. Koch

Issue 2


Wisdom and Reason in Law
Steven D. Smith

Bob Nagel and The Emptiness of Supreme Court Standards of Review
Larry Alexander

The Supreme Court as Public Educator?
Frederick Schauer

Reflections on Unrestrained: Law Professors, The Legal Academy, and the Rule of Law in the Early Twenty-First Century
Stephen B. Presser

Is Legal Scholarship Worth its Cost?
Paul Campos

Casenotes & Comments

Colorado’s About Face: Mechanics, Progress, and Challenges Facing Veterans Trauma Courts in Colorado
Karthik A. Venkatraj

Money Matters: Why the ADA’s Undue Hardship Framework Could Save Casey and Legal Abortion in America
Brooke M. Garrett

Issue 3


The Colorado River Revisited
Jason Anthony Robison

Clean Electrification
Shelley Welton

Pride and Prejudice and Administrative Zombies: How Economic Woes, Outdated Environmental Regulations, and State Exceptionalism Failed Flint, Michigan
Brie D. Sherwin

Casenotes & Comments

Maxwell, Lewis v. Clarke, and the Trail Around Tribal Sovereign Immunity
Allison Hester

Digging up the Dirt: China’s Exploitation of Transgenic Seed Approvals
Lucas A. Westerman

Save Some for the Fishes: Analyzing the St. Jude’s Co. Decision and What it Means for Beneficial Use in Colorado
John Sittler

Issue 4


Fighting Fines & Fees: Borrowing From Consumer Law to Combat Criminal Justice Debt Abuses
Neil L. Sobol

Supercharged IPOs and the Up-C
Gladriel Shobe

The Law and Policy of People Analytics
Matthew T. Bodie, Miriam A. Cherry, Marcia L. McCormick, & Jintong Tang

The Law Review Article
Pierre Schlag

Casenotes & Comments

Bail Reform in Colorado: A Presumption of Release
Joshua J. Luna

Disparate Impact and Mortgage Lending: A Beginner’s Guide
Alex Gano

With Great Power Comes No Responsibility: The Tragedy and the Irony of ERISA Preemption
Jessica Frenkel