Volume 93

Members & Editors

Issue 1


Text Is Not Enough
Anuj C. Desai

Andrew Keane Woods

Leveling Up to a Reasonable Woman’s Expectation of Privacy
Victoria Schwartz


One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: How Attorney General Review Undermines Our Immigration Adjudication System
Emma K. Carroll

Ball Never Lies: How Guaranteed Contracts Provide NBA Players More Security than NFL Players to Advocate for Social Justice
Matthew Epstein


Issue 2

Articles & Essays

The Immigration Court: Zigzagging on the Road to Judicial Independence
Mimi Tsankov

Decitizenizing Asian Pacific American Women
Shoba Sivaprasad Wadhia & Margaret Hu

The Failures of Good Moral Character Determinations for Naturalization
Zachary New

Entrance Fees: Self-Funded Agencies and the Economization of Immigration
Daimeon Shanks

Essential, Not Expendable: Protecting the Economic Citizenship of Agricultural Workers
Hunter Knapp

Pursuing Citizenship During COVID-19
Ming Hsu Chen


Issue 3

Articles & Essays

Lumpy Social Goods in Energy Decarbonization: Why We Need More Than Just Markets for the Clean Energy Transition
Daniel E. Walters

Waste and the Governance of Private and Public Property
Tara K. Righetti & Joseph A. Schremmer

The Promise and Peril of Paternalistic Approaches to Flood Risk
Alexander B. Lemann

Fig Leaves, Pipe Dreams, and Myopia: Too-Easy Solutions in Environmental Law
Albert C. Lin


Can Nature Tourists Police Themselves? Comparing Eco-Pledges in the United States and Palau
Marcia Moana Levitan-Haffar

The Failings of the United States Justice System: Lobato v. Taylor and Mexican Community Land Grants
Shira Cohen


Issue 4


Foreword: Arthur E. Wilmarth, Jr., A Scholar of Uncommon Conviction, Integrity, and Boldness
Patricia A. McCoy

Who’s Looking Out for the Banks?
Jeremy C. Kress

The Role of Rival Litigation in Wilmarth’s New Glass-Steagall
Heidi Mandanis Schooner

The Tailors of Wall Street
Graham S. Steele

Afterword: Why “Taming the Megabanks” Should Remain a Top Priority for Financial Regulators and Policymakers
Arthur E. Wilmarth, Jr.


Rethinking Kirschner v. J.P. Morgan: How Securities and Banking Laws Should Apply to Syndicated Loans
Joel Crank