Volume 81

Members & Editors

Issue 1


Federalism at the Cathedral: Property Rules, Liability Rules, and Inalienability Rules in Tenth Amendment Infrastructure
Erin Ryan

The Invisible Woman: Availability and Culpability in Reproductive Health Jurisprudence
Beth A. Burkstrand-Reid

Rethinking Guardianship (Again): Substituted Decision Making as a Violation of the Integration Mandate of Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act
Leslie Salzman

Casenotes and Comments

An Unfortunate “Tail”: Reconsidering Risk Management Incentives After the Financial Crisis of 2007–2009
Douglas O. Edwards

A Second Chance at Justice: Why States Should Adopt ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct 3.8(g) and (h)
Michele K. Mulhausen

Issue 2


Fine-Labor: The Symbiosis Between Monetary and Work Sanctions
Martin H. Pritikin

The Global Law of the Land
Amnon Lehavi

Climate Change Under NEPA: Avoiding Cursory Consideration of Greenhouse Gases
Amy L. Stein

Casenotes and Comments

Courts’ Struggle with Infertility: The Impact of Hall v. Nalco on Infertility-Related Employment Discrimination
Kerry van der Burch

A Training Ground for Contemporary Art: Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art v. Büchel’s Overly Broad Exclusion of Artistic Collaborations
Sarah Louise Rector

Davis v. Federal Election Commission: A Further Step Towards Campaign Finance Deregulation and the Preservation of the Millionaires’ Club
Grant Fevurly

Issue 3

Multistate Decisionmaking for Renewable Energy and Transmission: Spotlight on Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming

Multistate Decision Making for Renewable Energy and Transmission: An Overview
David J. Hurlbut

Siting Transmission Lines in a Changed Milieu: Evolving Notions of the “Public Interest” in Balancing State and Regional Considerations
Ashley C. Brown & Jim Rossi

Constitutional Contours for the Design and Implementation of Multistate Renewable Energy Programs and Projects
Robin Kundis Craig


Envisioning the Smart Grid: Network Architecture, Information Control, and the Public Policy
Elias L. Quinn & Adam L. Reed


Trust and the Green Consumer: The Fight for Accountability in Renewable Energy Credits
Kelly Crandall

Issue 4: Symposium Issue

The Next Great Generation of American Indian Law Judges

Keynote Address at the University of Colorado Law Review Symposium: “The Next Great Generation of American Indian Law Judges”
Kevin K. Washburn


Resisting Federal Courts on Tribal Jurisdiction
Matthew L.M. Fletcher

In Theory, In Practice: Judging State Jurisdiction in Indian Country
Carole Goldberg

Separate But Unequal: The Federal Criminal Justice System in Indian Country
Troy A. Eid & Carrie Covington Doyle

Finding the Indian Child Welfare Act in Unexpected Places: Applicability in Private Non-Parent Custody Actions
Jill E. Tompkins

Bench Book

Tribal Civil Judicial Jurisdiction Over Nonmembers: A Practical Guide for Judges
Sarah Krakoff