Volume 95

Members & Editors

Issue 1


Intersectionality Matters in Food and Drug Law
Colleen Campbell

Beyond Discrimination: Market Humiliation and Private Law
Hila Keren

Data Controllers as Data Fiduciaries: Theory, Definitions & Burdens of Proof
Noelle Wilson & Amanda Reid

Immigration Detention Abolition and the Violence of Digital Cages
Sarah Sherman-Stokes


Union Autonomy and Federal Intrusion
Hannah Borowski

Machine Manipulation: Why an AI Editor Does Not Serve First Amendment Values
Alec Peters

Issue 2: Symposium Issue

Articles & Essays

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Issue 3: Natural Resources Issue


The Voluntary Carbon Market: Market Failures and Policy Implications
Vittoria Battocletti, Luca Enriques & Alessandro Romano

The Legal Crisis Lodged Inside the Biden Inflation Reduction Act and Asynchronous Climate
Steven Ferrey

Carbon Pricing for a Just Transition
Jeff Todd


Force Majeure and the Law of the Colorado River: The Confluence of Climate Change, Contracts, and the Constitution
Mary Slossen

A First Amendment Failure: Surrendering to Science Misinformation for Bioengineered Foods
Casey Nelson

Politics Before Pensions
Danilo Gjukovikj

Issue 4


Estate to State: Pay-To-Stay Statutes and the Problematic Seizure of Inherited Property
Brittany Deitch

Colonizing Queerness
Jeremiah Ho

Reinventing the Bankruptcy Power
Rafael I. Pardo

Adoption as a Substitute for Abortion?
Malinda Seymore


Unionization and Self-Determinism in Minor League Baseball
Chris Rowley

LexisNexis’s Contract with ICE as Unjust Enrichment
Lizzie Bird