Volume 95

Members & Editors

Issue 1


Intersectionality Matters in Food and Drug Law
Colleen Campbell

Beyond Discrimination: Market Humiliation and Private Law
Hila Keren

Data Controllers as Data Fiduciaries: Theory, Definitions & Burdens of Proof
Noelle Wilson & Amanda Reid

Immigration Detention Abolition and the Violence of Digital Cages
Sarah Sherman-Stokes


Union Autonomy and Federal Intrusion
Hannah Borowski

Machine Manipulation: Why an AI Editor Does Not Serve First Amendment Values
Alec Peters

Issue 2: Symposium Issue

Articles & Essays

Democratic Federalism and the Supreme Court: Keynote Address at the 2023 Ira C. Rothgerber Jr. Conference
Carolyn Shapiro

Federal Indian Law as Method
Matthew L.M. Fletcher

Facts On Trial: Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine v. FDA and the Battle over Mailed Medication Abortion
Rachel Rebouché

Facing the Music: How the FACE Act Harms, Rather than Helps, the Post-Dobbs Abortion Movement
Kyriaki “Kiki” Council

“Down Where the Grass Grows”: Municipal Abortion Policies After Dobbs
Martha F. Davis

Issue 3: Natural Resources Issue


The Voluntary Carbon Market: Market Failures and Policy Implications
Vittoria Battocletti, Luca Enriques & Alessandro Romano

Legal Asynchrony: Constitutional “Bridges” Inverting Elemental U.S. Technology
Steven Ferrey

Carbon Pricing for a Just Transition
Jeff Todd


Force Majeure and the Law of the Colorado River: The Confluence of Climate Change, Contracts, and the Constitution
Mary Slosson

A First Amendment Failure: Surrendering to Science Misinformation for Bioengineered Foods
Casey J. Nelson

Politics Before Pensions: How New ESG Rules Expose Public Pension System Vulnerabilities
Danilo Risteski

Issue 4


Estate to State: Pay-To-Stay Statutes and the Problematic Seizure of Inherited Property
Brittany Deitch

Colonizing Queerness
Jeremiah Ho

Rethinking Antebellum Bankruptcy
Rafael I. Pardo

Adoption As Substitute for Abortion?
Malinda Seymore


It’s Past Time: Unionization and Self-Determinism in Minor League Baseball
Chris Rowley

LexisNexis’s Contract with ICE as Unjust Enrichment
Lizzie Bird