Volume 89

Issue 1


Regulation by Database Nathan Cortez

Limitless Discretion in the Wars on Drugs and Terror Wadie E. Said

The Reemergence of State Anti-Patent Law Camilla A. Hrdy


Casenotes & Comments

EMTALA’s Impact on Patients’ Rights in Colorado Emergency Rooms Jack Vihstadt

Whose Gig Is It Anyway? Technological Change, Workplace Control and Supervision, and Workers’ Rights in the Gig Economy Alex Kirven

A Tale of Two Wives: 404(b) Evidence Simplified Josiah Beamish


Issue 2


Climate Change Disinformation, Citizen Competence, and the First Amendment James Weinstein

Incredible Lies Catherine J. Ross

Sex, Lies, and Ultrasound B. Jessie Hill

Government Lies and the Press Clause Helen Norton

Standing Rock, the Sioux Treaties, and the Limits of the Supremacy Clause Carla F. Fredericks & Jesse D. Heibel

Free Speech Hypocrisy: Campus Free Speech Conflicts and the Sub-Legal First Amendment Christina E. Wells

Truth, Lies, and the Confrontation Clause Mark Spottswood

Categorizing Lies David S. Han

Developing a Taxonomy of Lies Under the First Amendment© Alan K. Chen & Justin Marceau

The Law of Deception: A Research Agenda Gregory Klass