Prospective Members

All members and editors of the Colorado Law Review are students of the University of Colorado Law School. People eligible to join the Law Review must have completed their first year of law school, either at the University of Colorado or at another law school if they are transferring to the University of Colorado.

Board members select new members through a legal-writing competition called “Write-on.” Write-on begins in May, when rising second-year law students may enter the competition as contestants. Contestants must produce an essay and legal-citation exercise from a collection of sources chosen by the Managing Editor. They may also submit a personal statement. To select new members, board members anonymously grade the essays and citation exercises. The executive board members may also consider contestants’ personal statements.

Selected members must commit to work for the Law Review for two years in return for academic credit.

If you have any questions about membership eligibility or the Write-on competition, please contact our Managing Editor, Nora Cooke.